Workers Compensation and Adjusters

Dr. Magdi Alexander has had remarkable relationships with workers’ compensation patients for over 21 years.

The team at SoCal Hernia provides efficient paper work processing, handles appointment scheduling and conducts all follow-up consultations. Dr. Alexander participates in most medical provider networks and works toward solutions to help reduce health care costs.

Dr. Alexander has performed thousands of hernia surgeries in his career and is considered a top surgeon in his community.  He has won multiple awards for medical excellence, including Top Surgeon and the Most Compassionate Doctor Award.  His goal is to get patients back to work in a timely manner and he is committed to ensuring his patients receive the medical care they deserve.

Workers’ Compensation and Hernias

Most workers’ compensation cases occur as a result of an accidental injury on the job.  In the case of a hernia, the injury is more likely to occur from a routine action of a physically demanding job.

An employee is eligible for workers’ compensation if surgery is required as a result of the hernia. If surgery is not required or if the patient wishes to refuse the surgery, but it is proven that the hernia occurred at work, the employee must be paid for 7.5 weeks.  The employee may still receive compensation if the hernia did not occur at work but can be proven a result of their job.

Here are some questions to help you determine if you have a workers’ compensation case:

  • Did I develop a hernia as a direct result of my employment?
  • Am I able to prove that the hernia developed while straining on the job and not prior to that particular moment?
  • If the hernia did indeed exist prior to the job, did the effort of straining to fulfill the duties as an employee result in further aggravation or worsening of said condition?
  • Was it a sudden and painful incident?
  • Was the hernia reported by the employee within 30 days?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, your case may qualify for workers’ compensation.