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Dr. Magdi Alexander and staff are very welcoming. I had 2 Hernias that had been concerning me for a few years and needed them sorted! They made time for me for the following week and the recovery was quick and painless.

– Omar R. 

Back in September, I was in need of a hernia repair procedure. My appointments were clean, efficient and thorough. Through my first visit, Dr. Magdi recommended that I have the robotic approach performed for my needs. This was the first time I had ever heard of the use of a robot in performing this type of surgery. Granted, this was my first surgery ever in my life, I had nothing to compare. Knowing the type of person I am, I had a lot of questions, but every answer led me to the same feeing I had about originally. I was all for it. The nurse practitioner; Kaya was in my room right away going over the procedure, and scheduling a date for the procedure.

The day came and went. I was in at 8A and was released by 3:30P. My post recovery was quick and almost painless. My scarring is very minimal with only three, 3/4″ incision sites on my upper stomach with little to no discoloration.

Dr. Magdi and NP Kayla are an amazing team with great experience and takes the patient care first.

– Vice C. 

The best caring surgeon I have ever had! He knows his stuff!!
Dr.Alexander listens and answers all your questions! He would go out of the way to make sure you all your needs are cared for.
The best!

– Katie D. 

Saw Dr Alexander regarding an issue that had been bothering me and giving me much pain for months. He did a fantastic job repairing it and had me back on my feet within a few days after surgery. He’s an excellent surgeon. Additionally, his office staff was very patient and compassionate with me, answering a myriad of questions I had. They made me feel calm and confident about the procedure. So thank you to Kayla as well.

– Alex K. 

I recently had to go to the ER for severe lower abdominal pain. I was diagnosed with a perforayed bowel – a life threatening condition. My surgeon was Dr Alexander and he explained my situation to me. He repaired the perforated bowel laproscopically and I was up walking around 4 hours after surgery. I was discharged a day later and back at work within a week. Ilmy condition rewuires a second surgery and there is no way anyone but Dr Alexander is doing this. He has been great and actually talks to you as opposed to pushing you through like so many doctors now do. I just wanted to day thank you Dr Alexander. You saved my life…literally.

– Damon G. 

I just had my inguinal hernia repaired today by Dr. Alexander. I can’t thank him enough because everything went great. His office assistant was very prompt and professional. She returned my call right away and I was seen last Tuesday. I was examined by Dr. Alexander he explained what I had and what needed to be done. On New years eve I went for my pre-op and surgery today that’s 6 days from first appointment to surgery. I couldn’t even find a surgeon that would see me till late January. I highly recommend Dr. Alexander! I can’t believe that my surgery was done and I’m on the road to recovery. I am truly grateful to have found Dr. Alexander because I had no insurance since I’m homeless. I was able to get emergency medical and he accepted it and treated me well. Thank you Dr. Alexander! You’re a good man!

– Cesar C. 

Talked to my primary and Dr. Alexander was recommended for the huge lump under my belly button. That thing was huge, no idea where my belly button had gone, except for the huge frown it had when looking up at me. And it kept getting bigger. So, my brother had experienced a similar hernia as I, he went to Dr. Alexander as well, I got the lowdown from his wife Kathy. I am glad the receptionist/nurse is cool. They got the run around with me setting up appointments then canceling, I was able to set an appointment. Showed up for my appointment, and was waiting in the examining room, saw a good looking doctor out the window below crossing the street to come into the building. That was my first impression of the doctor. I thought, that’s him. And sure enough he entered shortly later. He was also impressed with the size, asked some questions, then said… so there three types of surgeries, followed by explanations and pricing. I chose accordingly, price was no object but for surgeries I thought they were all quite cheap, even the best was cheap. I’ve had herniated disc surgery as well, and thank God I have insurance, only had to pay like 5,000 of the 43,000 it cost. I then saw the nurse on the way out, so she could start to schedule me for surgery.

Had to do all the preliminaries with my primary dr. got the chest x-ray and was ready for surgery. Scheduling was proper so it could be done as soon as possible. I expected a couple days recovery, then back to work. I work in front of a computer most times.

Surgery was easy, quick, painless. The staples freaked me out. Other than that, I have a little discomfort, now six days later. Besides being a little swelled in the belly, I think he took some fat away. That thing is gone… and believe it or not I have my belly button back. It was crazy easy and I just got back from doctor’s office. The nurse…wow… I was so freaked out about the staples but she removed them so quick and painless. Crazy. Doctor saw me. I thanked him graciously! He did an amazing job. He explained the discolorations and color told me everything is normal. I am so thankful! So now I’m here writing this that’s the least I could do.

– Brian K. 

Dr. Alexander was very professional and reassuring. His assistant Kayla rounds out a great team.

– NA. 

Dr. Alexander is a great Doctor. I personally do not like going to doctor’s, dentist, hospital’s but this doctor handled my situation with care and put my anxieties to rest within minutes of my first visit. Much appreciated.

– Paul Rykert 

I went to Dr Alexander for a post hernia surgery pain caused by another surgeon. He diagnosed the problem and helped me slowly get my life back. He is knowledgeable and answers all my questions and gave me straight options and answers. Highly recommend.

– Lawrence D. 

Excellent surgeon made me at ease during the evaluation. My operation went very well.

– Jeane H. 

I wanted to write a review from a wife’s perspective. My husband recently had a Inguinal Hernia. I had to do some research to find the right place to go to. We called many places, in California and out of state. When I contacted Dr. Alexander’s office, I got to speak with Kayla, his assistant. Bless her heart. I am a woman of many questions and had gotten the run around from several places before I got to talk to her. She helped calm my nerves, didn’t rush me off like everyone else did, answered all my questions and even invited me to call back if I had any further questions, which of course I did. We ended up scheduling an appointment for that same week. Considering how much in pain my husband was this was nice to hear since everywhere else stated that it would take several weeks if not months to be seen. Our appointment was fabulous and Both Kayla helped out with the paperwork and Dr. Alexander was very thorough with the details of what was happening to my husband, it comforted both our nerves. Very friendly, nice, and great upstanding doctor. We ended up scheduling the surgery for the next week and Dr. Alexander accommodated us and our needs. The day of the surgery he took fantastic care and the facility was very nice. Quick and easy since it was outpatient. Follow up care was great, they took many calls from my husband throughout the week that followed and it was just a great place all over. I say a blessing in disguise since I didn’t think we’d ever find a place this great and service so fantastic. I would recommend Dr. Alexander to anyone, his service is to be commended for and they went above and beyond what they needed to …. Thank you to both Dr. Alexander and Kayla for all your all your help with my husband, it is much appreciated.

– K. Siders 

Dr Alex performed an appendectomy on me and I have nothing but good things to say after the surgery. He was reassuring and calming which helped with the pre surgery jitters. Post surgery I felt great. Awesome surgeon.

– Collin DeBranch 

I had a very rare condition resulting in major surgery. Dr. Alexander was very down-to-earth, caring and took the time to answer any questions. I cannot believe, considering the extent of the surgery, how small the incisions are. All done Laparoscopically…absolutely amazing. This doctor is the best and I highly recommend him.

– L.J.

I just want to say how happy I am with Dr. Alexander. I had an umbilical hernia for five years. I was so afraid to go in for surgery because I have never been “put under anesthesia” and it scared the heck out of me. Huntington Memorial ER referred me to Dr. Alexander – I was so nervous but from the moment you enter his office…his assistant is lovely and puts you at ease. Dr. Alexander spent time going over the why’s and how’s and then made his recommendation…a week later I was having my surgery. The outpatient surgical center in Glendale was fabulous, my doctor was fabulous and now a week later I am healing perfectly. I just can’t say enough good about him and if you’re doing your homework like I did…you will see here there are a hundred satisfied patients of his out there. Don’t put it off anymore…this man is fantastic.

– Tammi

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