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 Surgery is generally the only hernia treatment option, however the procedures at California Hernia will allow you to return home the same day!

Advanced Robotic Hernia Surgery

New advancements in technology have opened new opportunities for robotic surgery through the minimally invasive option for patients facing abdominal or gastrointestinal surgery. Implemented at California Hernia by Dr. Magdi Alexander, the da Vinci System features a magnified 3D high-definition vision system and special wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human wrist. As a result, da Vinci robotic surgery enables Dr. Magdi Alexander to operate with enhanced vision and precision for better surgical success.

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The Advantages of Robotic Hernia Surgery are:

  • Improved accuracy

  • Improved precision

  • Smaller incisions

  • Less scarring

  • Shorter recovery time

Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

Laparoscopic Hernia Repairs consist of fixing tears in the abdominal wall (muscle) with small incisions, telescopes, and a patch (mesh). This minimally invasive surgical technique will allow most patients to experience a faster recovery and faster turnaround to return to work and normal activities with decreased pain.

The Advantages of Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery are:

  • Minimal scaring and tiny incision

  • Patients go home within a few hours after surgery

  • In some cases a patient needs less than a week to recover

Dr. Magdi Alexander must conduct a thorough examination of all patients before he can determine laparoscopic hernia repair as the best surgical option. The procedure may not be fit for patients who have undergone previous abdominal surgery or have underlying medical conditions.

At California Hernia, hernia specialists will keep your personal health as their number one concern throughout the entire process from your first consultation to your recovery after treatment or surgery.

Mesh-Free Tissue Repair

Some patients opt to have mesh-free repair. This can be accomplished by utilizing the patient’s own tissues to carry out the repair, which has a long history of success. Ask about this option if you have concerns about mesh complications.

Open Tension-Free Mesh Hernia Repair (traditional)

The Open Tension-Free Mesh Repair is the traditional surgical method implementing a synthetic patch. This “tension-free” repair involves placing mesh in the inguinal region to strengthen it. Patients typically go home within a few hours of surgery, often requiring no medication.

We encourage patients to walk as soon as possible, postoperatively. They should resume most normal activities within a week or two of the operation.

Biological Tissue Hernia Repair

Biological mesh is used during inguinal, ventral, and umbilical hernia repairs.


Most patients will be able to return to normal activities within a couple days of surgery. However, different factors may affect an individual’s hernia recovery, and recovery time will vary from patient to patient. Patients should progressively return to normal activities but stop immediately if any pain occurs. If pain continues, patients should contact Dr. Magdi Alexander. In order to ensure strong long-term health it is necessary to heal completely before straining the body.

After surgery with Dr. Magdi Alexander, patients can expect to return to work fairly quickly. Most patients will be able to return to sedentary work within 3-5 days. Those who work in a moderately physical work environment will require 1-2 weeks of recovery, and physically intensive workers may return within 2 weeks, returning only to a lighter workload to start. If the surgery is done as an outpatient procedure, patients should expect to go home the same day.

Recovery times and activities should be discussed with Dr. Magdi Alexander to ensure maximum recovery. The experts at California Hernia are committed to making this process as easy as possible from your first consultation to your recovery after treatment or surgery.

Doctor Magdi Alexander is a professional physician who will become your partner on this journey to a better, healthier you. As a compassionate and caring physician, he will take time to talk to you about your condition to develop the best possible treatment. His bedside manner is like no other.